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ZapC – Mini Portable Negative Ion Generator Protects Individual from Air Borne Infections, Allergies and Breathing irritation as it neutralizes positive charged ions. 

ZapC- Mini Portable Negative Ion Generator can bring you a microscopic health shield that will protect by reducing Allergies and Breathing irritation complications.

ZapC – Negative Ions can kill up to 80-90% of Bacteria & Viruses and removes harmful Dust particles etc from air to provide cleaner to breathe. Protects Individual from Air Borne Infections, Allergies and Breathing irritation as It neutralizes positive charged ions.

ZapC is designed to wear it around your neck. Wear this to create a cleaner zone of good air while traveling, in public places or in other poor air quality locations. Also it can be placed in your desk or table.

ZapC emits through emitting brush 10 Million parts of Negative Ions & increases its density in the air and attaches to invisible harmful Dust, Bacteria & Viruses to form a cluster and makes them heavy to fall down. By this individuals can breathe clean air. It has No Filter and No cleaning required.

            ZapC will cover a small area of 3ft radius to support individual

Yes, it can be wear with any other devices. 

No age limit to use this ZapC product– any individual with any age limit this can be used.


Zpac product can be charged using normal USB charger. When charging in process it gives “RED” colour indication and once it is fully charged it gives “Blue” colour indication.

  • ZapC Desktop product comes with On/Off switch. The “ORANGE” light indicates when the switch is ON.
  • ZapC Advance product comes with Press On/Off switch. The “GREEN” light indicates when the switch is ON.

Once fully charged

  • ZapC Desktop works for more than 18-20 hours based on Negative ION generation.
  • ZapC Advance works for more than 10-12 hours based on Negative ION generation.

You can place the order through our URL “ https://power-factor.in/”